Sikh wedding ceremony

Sikh Wedding Rituals Mesmerizing and Colorful

Posted on Aug 29, 2018

Sikh who is known to be more colorful of all the people or community in India with their dressing sense and also because of the different customs they follow. their wedding becomes the talk of the town when The Sant Chatwal son’s marry Miss Priya or Mr. Angad Bedi marries Miss Neha Dhupia in India. It is said that they are known for the heroics and their wedding songs are loud like Ye desh hai veer jawano ka…and other such songs which lift the mood of the drinker’s husband kinds. If one sees the popularity of the Sikh community they put all the efforts to work towards pomp and show. If any person who is untouched about the heroics of this community they could find it towards every step in their life about the bravery and valour showed at different occasions from sports turf to war zone whether during World war or also during the Hockey matches.

If a person talks about the wedding they start with visiting each others house for the prospective bride and groom and with the right match they take the next step towards calling a procession to Gurudwara Sahib from where they find out the auspicious date for marrying the prospective bride or groom.

The next step is to get a Roka done and during that the wedding rings get exchanged which leads to a finalizing step towards marrying each other, It is one of the colourful ceremonies which leads to many different kinds of music functions organised to get each other family move towards the harmonizing and it leads to many other functions to be followed.

The other night or few days after rokka or sagai the dholki or sangeet functions get organized here the famous Giddha or Bhangra steps are matched with full vigour and the entire family comes up with more than one step to match the tunes on music.

With music ceremony getting over and the auspicious date of marriage already announced the D-day comes up and the bride-groom gets the marriage ceremony to be attached as husband and wife. In the ceremonial function at a Gurudwara Sahib the marriage gets solemnized with the auspicious presence of Akal Takht and it leads to getting more through the blessings of Gurbani and sangat of the wise and the elders.

Thus, the marriage ceremony gets over and the bride moves towards the groom’s house after which a small reception ceremony is held which inducts the bride at her new home and thus one could find many mesmerizing and colourful rituals to be followed at every step of life in the form of festivals to come every year.