Rituals and Customs of Parsi Wedding Ceremony

Posted on 2- Aug- 2019

Parsi (or Parsee) is one of two Zoroastrian people groups (the other being Iranis) significantly situated in India and few in Pakistan. As indicated by the Qissa-i Sanjan, Parsis moved from Greater Iran to Sindh and Gujarat, During the mid time of 8th and 10th century they were refugees. During the victory of the Arab, Persia was known as the staple religion directed by the Sasanian Empire.

Parsi wedding is conducted with the full of excitement that includes several dominant rituals and traditions to the completion of the marriage. The custom and traditions are conducted in all categories of religion because the wedding ceremony is incomplete without rituals and customs. These wedding ceremony traditions and customs are significantly conducted by our ancestors. This is the joyful occasion where all the relatives, family friends all enjoy a lot together. There are many sacraments and traditions to the fulfillment of the Parsi wedding.

Pre Wedding Rituals

Pre wedding rituals are those have been held a few days before the marriage. This is an ultimately memorable moment between the Parsi bride and groom with family. They individually arrange such functional type of occasion at their home by inviting their special guests. At the very first time, some of the women from the groom's family visit the bride's house and offering them silver coins and shagun. As this is same customs proceeded by the Parsi bride's family.

The Rupia Peravanu Ritual: In the Rupia prevanu ritual as we discussed above both family visit to each other's house and offer some gifts, money, and jewelry as well. It seems an informal engagement.

The Madhavsaro: This is an interesting custom both the families plant a tree in a flower pot and kept it on the front door of their houses. This will be kept approx 7 to 8 days after the wedding. Then, it will be removed from here to somewhere.

Wedding Rituals:

On the wedding day, the houses are even decorated and the wedding venue is also decorated with different colourful flowers, tracery and more. The Parsi groom wears white ceremonial dress the traditional ‘Parsi Dagli and Feta' this white traditional costume expresses the purity and truthfulness. Muslim matrimony site and Punjabi matrimony site are very helpful to find perfect match grooms and brides online.

Ara Antar Ceremony: This is a really excited ritual on the wedding day when a couple sits confronting each other with a fabric hold in the middle of, so they can't see the other. All the invited guests, family members and relatives are present at this enjoyable moment.