Muslim wedding ceremony

Here Are Muslim Wedding Ceremony Steps You Need To Know

Posted on Aug 3, 2018

You have landed on this article; it means that you want to know more about Muslim wedding. There are certain customs and traditions, which most of the Muslims follow irrespective of where they are living. These things are khitbah, nikah, rukshati and walima. Many people think that it is not allowed for a woman to decide in a muslim marriage. Contrary to popular believe both bride and groom have equal right to deny or accept the relation. It is necessary for every Muslim to perform his marriage rituals as explained in the Shariah.

Here are a couple of steps of Muslim wedding.
What I have mentioned above are Muslim wedding ceremony steps, which are necessary in every Muslim wedding.

This is a kind of engagement and after this ritual; it is up to men and women that when they want to marry. They can decide the marriage date at their convenient time. In the meantime, both families can know each other better. At the time of engagement, couple is not allowed to stay alone with each other. It is forbidden to have intimate relation before nikah. The time between the engagement and nikah is sufficient to know more about each other. In case someone is not satisfied, he can break the engagement and he does not need to follow the process of divorce. They are supposed to return the gifts, which they have received from each other. If they both are satisfied with each other, they can move to the next step.

This is a formal declaration of marriage in which both bride and groom has to sign a contract. They have to do it in the presence of the official of a religious authority, Imam and elders of both the families. Even if there is no one, the spouse and groom have to have at least two witnesses and decide for a magical gift from the groom side called mehr. This marriage contract is a legal entity. After signing the marriage contact, the couple becomes husband-and-wife. If they want to break after this point of time, they need to follow the entire process of divorce.

This is a feast arranged by the groom’s side, his family members, relatives and friends are invited to celebrate the marriage. Walimah is a Sunnah and it is recommended to arrange this feast. In different parts of the world, Muslims are following different customs of wedding, but the above are common rituals.