Islamic Marriage Nikah Ceremony Celebration

Posted on Nov 26, 2018

The Arabic word 'Nikah' whose original literal mean is 'wedding', it refers already in Quran as a contract to the marriage between a men and a women. At least two witness are required while Vedic Islamic marriage whether verbal or on paper. In Arabia variety of marriage rituals of Islam exist like marriage by contract, marriage by inheritance, temporary marriage, marriage by capture, marriage by mahr etc.

According to Islamic ritual at some regions women’s of Islamic Arabia has little control on their marriages whether at some regions society does not provide this liberty to a bride, but the best part is Islamic religion needs acceptance by both Bride and the Groom, if the conditions are met and both of them get aggress upon then only the wedding takes place.

As in the culture of mahr fully reviewed after 2003, there is no case of dowry while mahr offering by the Bride side. According to Islam, both Groom and the Bride has a similar right on each other where the husband is financially responsible for the welfare and maintenance of her wife and kids like providing home, food, clothing and any other needful requirement in daily lives, in return, it is the duty of the wife to safeguard the husband’s possession and protect his children and how wealth should spend.

The Islamic marriage contracts are concluded by guardian or the Wali of the bride and bridegroom. The Wali of the Bride is only the male relative to the Bride can only be the free Muslim. Although no marriages get official approval without bride’s free consent.

There are some prohibited relationships as well; like according to Quran you can inherit your fathers other wives but not your real mother and real sister, a men is allowed to get married to more than one woman and can get married to cousins as well. But in Islam only a man has a right to give divorce to her wife and if a women has many valid reasons to get the divorce than she has to knock the door of legal Islamic court.

The Quran states that do not marry a polytheist women because a slave believing women allures you rather than marrying a feminist. And do not marry non virgin women because non virgin women have no right to get married whether her previous husband is died or not.