Hindu Arrange Marriage A Long Life and Care Will Bring Smile to the Couple

Posted on May 20, 2019

Arrange marriage is a simple and most recognized typical ceremony occurs between two families. Arrange marriage is the dominant approval given by both families. This type of matrimony requires consent of the two families and conducted according to the custom and religious laws in the society. Arrange marriage is not a past life affair, but it is the holy union of the matchmaking couple in a husband and a wife relationship. In arrange marriage Hindu bride and groom need time to understand each other. They can’t immediately come close physically and emotionally. Most of the Hindu weddings are arranged which considered highly successful in the society. Arrange marriage success rate is higher than any other. The big difference between love and arrange marriage that in arrange marriage love and care will be after marriage or when it comes to love marriage, love will be there before marriage.

In Hinduism the families always recommend marrying with the same religion that is considered highly accurate. Parents never want you to see in troubles by taking wrong decisions while you are choosing a life partner. Arrange marriages are usually required, such considerable points are mentioned below:

Even, if you belong from Hindu religion you must marry in the same religion. In this case a family will always take a stand if you suffer. This is a real fact that same religion marriages are many successful and loving.

Caste and culture that remains your religious & cultural beliefs and have same language where you will feel comfortable. The matchmaking couple has same minded perspective, cultural practices and values.

Physical appearance will match to your spouse that’s extremely significant positive attitude towards the happier and comfortable life.

Honeymoon courtship is more interesting and excited long journey when you both enjoy your matrimonial life together freely. No doubt, no fear enjoys this loving day on the high hills. Of course, you have various options to select the best place for honeymoon special.

Significance of the arrange marriage is a really high rate of successful relationship took place especially in the Hindu religion. Arranged marriages are unlike love marriage. In arrange marriage couple gradually come close with less expectation this thing not allows disputes and remaining loyalty between the couple.

Therefore, we are not criticizing love marriage but differentiating wedding process how to establish stability in the married life.

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