Dating A Punjabi Man Can Make Your Day Precious

Posted on Mar 7, 2019

Punjabi an acronym for fun, laughter and also carrying the attitude to the hilt which gives the man understand the value of a turban. The person in Punjabi is not only about carrying those milk and rose flavor but helping the community world over to stand on their own feet but at times are competitive in a negative way where they love their own community to flourish and the others do not stand equal in their eyes. The community which is more of a warrior community is known for the food and culture which they carry making food as the vital essential of life where the food should get full to the brim.

Now, dating a Punjabi girl for a non-Punjabi girl is at times difficult because of their only desire to get that cat out of the hat and their attitude of slam-bam, Thank you Ma’am has certainly not bought accolades in their life. Also, the community which is studious only when needed has seen much of them as industrialists and hoteliers where most of their works are done by other people and are volatile enough to bring down their own business thus making the life uncertain if the long term relationship is sought from them and then you can be at the receiving end of your life.

They can be called chivalrous by someone who has not stayed long with them. Once you are with them for a long time then the real Punjabi attitude comes out where they try to overpower you at every step and then eating supper along with those beautiful nights are difficult to count. The moment they get a whiff of your negative traits in any cases related to treachery or also your extra-marital affairs God forbidden you will be out of their mind. They will dig the most beautiful trench for you and you are bound to fall in it knowingly or unknowingly and after that the feet will reach your butt and the doors get closed for those heavenly thoughts of spending a lifetime with them.

Loyalty is the keyword in their life if you are loyal and give respect to their food and culture then they are all yours and give you enough freedom once you win their heart so being cautious is the only thought which carries with them. Also, they are the biggest wine and food connoisseur thus making you enjoy at various places either through your money or their money as it does not count for them.

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